Monday, July 18, 2011

Turning the Page

I guess as every chapter ends another one begins. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. As kids we’d spend so long waiting for the clock to strike midnight on what would be Dec. 25th and we’d spend so long dreading when it’d hit 12 the following night. For me Christmas came on October 27th a storm that was conveniently placed 2 days after my 2nd year seminar. A day I spent learning how to tour at pre season Snowbird (see below).
Notice the white stuff on the trees (hint that's a good sign that you'll find powder).

And now I believe the clock has struck midnight on Sunday July 17. But before it did I decided to head back to where my season began except this time we skied Alta. After about 15 min. of this strange form of locomotion called walking I had crampons on and we were climbing (skins are just too much work this time of year). From the ridge of Mount Baldy the landscape was well needless to say “different”.

So of course the only way to ski properly in July is: 1. Make sure you go through at least one patch of grass and 2. Make sure you're doing it shirtless.

The line we chose to ski down. The most pronouced tracks are ours.

 Jack looking fine with shorts, wool socks, and no shirt.
Me, cause nothing says douchebag like skiing with a shirt off and then flexing for the picture.

So as this season ends I'd like to thank all those that have skied with me especially Chesy who has put up with me "guilting her" into skiing some scary stuff, some icy stuff, and some pure fluff. So until next season you can find me trail running up the paths of Cardiff pass, Mill b, Butler Fork, and so many more.