Monday, November 28, 2011


Snowvember, snowmageddon, and giving thanks to The Snow are all things...I didn't hear this Thanksgiving mainly because of some fantastic weather phenomena. I didn't even go skiing, most of the weekend was spent well see Figure 1.

Fortunately Salt Lake has another wide array of opportunities as equally calorie burning as skiing. So what do you do when you can't climb a mountain and ski down it. The next best thing run up and then well run down it (insert sad face) something that usually doesn't cross my mind until mid July. Luckily there was still enough snow (or ice) to kill yourself on or at least slip, fall, and get scrapes all over your hands and knees.

A very tired happy dog

Olympus and some city inversion (fancy word for pollution).

Sadness equivalent to the color brown.

Stats for Grandeur:
Vertical up: 3100 ft.
Time: 52 min.
Distance: 2 miles
Times I fell: 5

Monday, November 21, 2011

White Pine/Red Pine

This weekend yielded:
Two moose
Fresh tracks
Fresh skinning (not as good as fresh tracks)
16.5 miles traveled
12K of vertical
A significant consumption of Slim Jims

Birthday chutes on Saturday

A still rocky Wasatch

Unknown couloir in Red Pine (dead center in the photo)

Early season "Pillows" (close enough)

Red Pine Lake crossable?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lessons Learned in November

The early season has already seen one fatality (a pro nonetheless RIP Jamie Pierre). The inherent risks of skiing in the backcountry is always on everyone's mind; friends, family, and fellow skiers. But unfortunately as with most any other activity there's always a risk/reward assessment. Am I going to get seriously injured/is this going to be the sickest run ever. With that in mind be safe out there:

1. Always, always wear your beacon
2. Be aware of your surrounding (where are the cliffs, trees, and rocks that you'd hit if you kicked something up)
3. It's ok to go to Butler Fork some of the best days I've ever had were spent in those Aspens

After several runs on Sunday we witnessed some serious cracking (not limited too what's shown in red but that's about all the camera picked up). 

So before we did anything else I roped up and stomped on this thing like a rabid donkey (forgive the poor analogy) and to our avail nothing propagated so we skied the hell outta that slope. 

Be safe out there newcomers and veterans alike.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Real Day 1

Well since the last outing I think more snow has melted than fallen and judging by the base of my skis I think I could find some truth in this statement. Nonetheless, it seems as though winter is finally setting in with more storms on the way. 

After a trip up to Baldy on Saturday we came to the realization that it was either get lucky or get core shots. Going to Snowbird on Sunday was pushing it (luck that is).

Laziness at its best. Why skin when you can just boot? (Oh that's right cause it's way harder)

Snowguns on full throttle made the conditions a little safer (for skis at least) the changes from hardpack to powder back to punchcrust (not so much for my knees).