Monday, April 16, 2012

Chuting Hiatus Postponed

It has been a long time since stable conditions found themselves in the Wasatch (I think for the most part they've lingered around Alaska and below 8000 ft it can't avalanche if there's no snow to do so). This weekend saw a big change in that picture with lines getting tags on all four faces. So I took my fair share of the bounty and tried to steal a few here and there.

Steep, stable, untracked, and creamy POW

Another beauty and look it has got walls!

Going back for more!

Ending the day with a trip down Day's Headwall. I wish I had some action shots...but I have no friends.

Monday, April 9, 2012

132, 117, 74 and My Toes Hurt

132, 117, and 74 those are the underfoot's of the 3 skis currently part of my arsenal. Needless to say the broad peaks (74's) aren't exactly "broad" personally I think they should be called Dynafit Skinny Peaks.

Needless to say going from a 117 underfoot to a 74 underfoot means some adjustments need to be made when travelling downhill especially in a foot of powder. Leaning back keeps you afloat and also jams your toes into your newly, not fully packed out, a little small, but damn light Scarpa Aliens. So at the end of a 9 mile tour on Saturday I was feeling "some" discomfort.

Way Up in White Pine

A OK doing his best rendition of Kilian Jornet

The Mighty Pfeif

Scoring some "Toe Hurting" pow (Picture by Adam O'Keefe)

Me doing my best impression of...well someone very color coordinated and someone slow (Picture by Adam O'Keefe)

A OK scoring some spring POW

Adam slaying it

"Come on no blood, no blood, no blood" (Picture by Adam O'Keefe)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Better Put on Your Snorkel

2 inches or 2 feet skiing is still skiing well kind of, yesterday was definitely a dust on crust type of day. Lots of exposure out there; that's what a few days of fusion will do for you (that's a science joke by the way). 

The aliens performed well though.