Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hogum Fork Fun

Stable conditions are becoming quite trendy here in the Wasatch. We headed up to Hogum Fork on Saturday with no plan in mind. A fresh coat of paint dotted the landscape, where 4 inches went a long way at making some of the slicker sections a little more comfortable.

These "green days" are getting pretty rad and I have no complaints. If you don't believe me check out some of my links (right toolbar).

Early morning light with low and high clouds 

Mark making turns down Hogum 200 

Coming up the Hypodermic Needle 

And going down 

Looking up The Sliver 

 It's still a little dicey out there

But the views made up for it 

Steeper than it looks 

The end.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hypodermic Needle 1.24.15

Incredible stability lately has given me a stronger desire to ski bigger lines. Here are some pics from The Needle taken last Saturday, it's not quite fully filled in, but who cares, the skiing in Hogum Fork is never disappointing.

The End

Monday, January 19, 2015

Grandeur/Indian Creek Photo dump

Been on the run for a month or more, climbing, night skiing, etc. etc. Here are some photos:

The skiing in the Wasatch has been pretty marginal lately, great days followed by long stretches of really warm weather, which has put a damper on my winter attitude. Being unwilling to "get after it" I  headed down to the creek with my silent partner for some solo practice.

Took me a little while to put up supercrack (I'll play the lack of partner card)

Lobo was there for moral support

 Another easy 9 turned hard due to the whole "soloing business"

Driving into work on MLK day had me fixated on the mountains (as usual) and I couldn't help but notice the western slopes of Grandeur looking quite filled in. Against my better judgement I rounded up a partner to go see just how filled in they actually were. Tom Goth referred to this as novelty skiing which given the conditions I figured was all we were going to encounter, Turns out Grandeur is quite surprising when skied and held everything from good powder to steep turns, making Mark and I quite reluctant that we "forgot" our shovels. Several years ago I skied it in February right after a foot fell in the valley, it wasn't quite that good but still pretty good.

Novelty skiing...more like mashed tater powder turns at 8K

The sun peaked put for our second run

The west face was a mixed bag of dense powder, slush, and crusty sections. 

The end