Monday, June 27, 2011

Going Strong into July

With the recent retreats in the snow line I've figured it's time to get my hands dirty with longer approaches and more technical lines. So this Saturday we decided to head to Thunder Bowl from the Bell's Canyon trailhead. Unknowingly of course, we figured it would take no more than 7 hours. And 9 hours later we were returning to our car without even reaching anywhere near the actual bowl. However, some good skiing resulted anyway. As well as a barrage of questions on the trail of whether or not you could "ski up there" apparently the local hiking population lacks the ability to discern the difference between 3 inches of snow and 13 feet, it's more the latter then the former (maybe they're just not as obsessed as my peers).

Jack and Tim hiking up the chute we opted to ski.
Yours truly charging along at this point I didn't know if I was going up or down. Nice job bringing one little thing of water.
The route we chose to ski: notice the peak we tried to get too was just the start of the ridge (name unknown). Thunder bowl is just barely visible in the background.

So the following day I decided to take a break and head to Tanner's. Coming up on my third year here this was my first attempt at Tanner's. Which the initial stream proved to be quite a challenge so after taming that beast and almost falling in at least 4 times I made it to the snow field only to find it was cracked in half and the stream need be crossed once more. Finally after my boots and pants were soaked my crampons were on and I was climbing.
After about an hour I'd managed 2/3 of the beast and slowly and surely a cold beer and a nice pool were calling my name so I decided to descend.
The bottom of the chute.
Don't fall in or you'll end up in Mordor.
A few scratches and a shoulder sunburn later I was at the pool enjoying summer

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