Monday, November 28, 2011


Snowvember, snowmageddon, and giving thanks to The Snow are all things...I didn't hear this Thanksgiving mainly because of some fantastic weather phenomena. I didn't even go skiing, most of the weekend was spent well see Figure 1.

Fortunately Salt Lake has another wide array of opportunities as equally calorie burning as skiing. So what do you do when you can't climb a mountain and ski down it. The next best thing run up and then well run down it (insert sad face) something that usually doesn't cross my mind until mid July. Luckily there was still enough snow (or ice) to kill yourself on or at least slip, fall, and get scrapes all over your hands and knees.

A very tired happy dog

Olympus and some city inversion (fancy word for pollution).

Sadness equivalent to the color brown.

Stats for Grandeur:
Vertical up: 3100 ft.
Time: 52 min.
Distance: 2 miles
Times I fell: 5

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