Sunday, March 3, 2013

Being Late

It seems as though I'm late for a number of things; I'm late for my doing proposal defense (grad school stuff), I was late to the Chemistry poster session last night, Chesy and I couldn't climb Lone in a day because we arrived too late, and usually any storm that strikes during the week I'm late in tracking things out, simply because I don't have the easiest schedule out there (yeah I know bitch bitch bitch).

So as I headed up white pine yesterday I figured I'd be late for finding any good snow. Crossing over to Maybird boiler plate conditions I figured I was for once too early to take advantage of any sun effects on snow. This time however it was not a good thing as conditions were relatively crappy. After several missteps I placed my skis in my pack and booted to Maybird ridge only to find perfect corn/powder the whole way to LCC road. Yes!! perfectly timed not too hard not too soft.

The might Pfeiff 

I should've kept going but being partnerless I couldn't convince myself it was a good idea to mess around in Hogum.

I skied this, one of the many chutes off of Maybird ridge/peak 

Exit turns

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