Monday, June 3, 2013

Dromedary East Face

Lake Blanche has always been a favorite, amongst the smattering of places in the Wasatch, to visit. It's where Chesy and I did our first hike, it's where I took my brother to go camping when he came out to visit, and it's where I learned the art of mountain running (well walking). With Saturday free after work and no belayers in sight, one of whom was in Jacksonville, I decided a ski day was in order.

Surprisingly, Lake Blanche tugs on the heart strings of several other hundred Wasatch locals and the Mill B parking lot looked more like Disney Land than a trailhead. Given the population density on the trail I was greeted with several hundred questions as I passed the tourons as Tom would say (sometimes running with skis on back).

They are as follows:
Oh and I didn't actually say any of these things, normally I'd just smile and nod

"Is there still snow up there?"
-Nope just white rock

"You going skiing?"
-Nope just going to take these up here to sacrifice

"Where the HELL is he gonna ski?
-I didn't have an imaginary answer for this one I was kind of distraught by this persons angered tone to be honest, and he was at the lake. So either this loud mouthed gentlemen was blind or just stupid.

Out of 30 to 40 question and stares...2 people asked how the snow was (they deserve a medal).
Lake Florence
Monte Cristo (I think)

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