Monday, November 11, 2013

There's something special about Indian Creek

 I think the title speaks for itself...aside from the occasional send parties...Indian Creek has now become my most treasured climbing spot (along with hordes of other people, I'm fully aware of that). I'm also aware that broadcasting this sort of information can have drastic consequences but if you haven't heard of this place by now you probably never will. These last several weeks my schedule has been, more or less, work Sunday to Friday, leave work Friday night, climb all day Saturday, rest, repeat.

This weekend was no different except I decided to opt for the full weekend off and try to bruise and batter myself in as many ways as possible. Another wonderful advantage of living in the Salt Lake area is that the creek is a mere 4.5 hrs southeast and even with a full study schedule Chesy was able to make a trip down on Saturday evening. Hence why there are less "belay shots" in the pictures below...Enjoy.

Mark on Blue Sun needless to say, Chesy hasn't arrived yet.


Nak got to come too, here she is posing.

Anunnaki (5.12- most hardasses say 5.11+)

Trying to figure out the sequence

............And aiding (so I can't say)

Tiny Hands Chesy giving it a go

Chesy finally leading

Two beautiful girls.

The End

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