Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Fun Filled Desert Weekend

After several phenomenal weekends of skiing and more or less a great spring skiing cycle in general...I've had a lingering desire to head back to Indian Creek before the shade searching days of summer set in. This coupled with the fact that several of my friends were posting amazing photos of the southern deserts forced me to reiterate the idea of a climbing trip to Chesy and Mark. We left Saturday morning in light of a cancelled Grandeur Peak Fun Run and found exactly what we came to the desert for; torn skin, blood, sore forearms, and shoulder rashes that you can't quite tell if they're from a dihedral or a sun burn. 

Desert flowers 

Nak would just about lose it every time one of these guys would dart across the trail.

Now for some climbing photos: We arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday and decided to start at Supercrack given the lack of cars we saw in the parking lot.

Chesy on the 5.11 portion of Incredible Hand Crack...I can't imagine doing that roof as a fist crack (hence 5.11 for her) but she crushed it! 

Mark leading up 3 a.m. crack 

Nak being lazy 


Me leading Scarface

More of the same

Nak giving a real attentive belay 

Mark finishing up Scarface 

 Chesy giving it a go
Wavy Gravy 

Nak was much more interested in the local animal habitat than anyone climbing 

Roof spanking

Tips spanking 

Spanked...The End

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