Monday, May 21, 2012

Granduer Peak Fun Run 2012

On Saturday I had the pleasure of running (well walking) with 90 some other crazed individuals on the infamous Granduer Peak trail. I'd like to thank the MRC for putting this project on and can not wait until next year's race.

Race Stats:
Where- Granduer Peak, SLC
Distance- 10 miles
Vertical Gain - ~4000 ft.
Vertical Up ~ 3 miles
Runners ~95

 Waiting for the start.

Being very non-photogenic...and cold.

And they're off!

As for race details: Jared took the early lead attributing his sprint start to a "skimo" race (so much for being injured I guess) and the rest of the pack followed. I found myself in the top 11 and tried to maintain knowing that my downhill pace would be inferior to the "small people" chasing after me. After exchanging positions with a few others I was still in the game making the summit in just 52 min. (beating my PR by 2 min.). 

Here of course is where a significant portion of the lead race pack took me down. Once to the bottom of Church Fork it was mostly flat for 3-4 miles and I found myself playing between a 6:50 and 7:40 pace. The final climb up rattlesnake is where "death happened". Luckily I pulled on just about every sapling and tree to get up the hill (my triceps were even sore after the race). And took the final downhill in good spirits. I managed a 2:01 finish and took 20th place. Tom Diegal was the winner with an awesome 1:44 course record.



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