Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maybird Couloir Waterpark

Skiing great lines in the spring is always a welcomed thought in my mind especially after the dangerous conditions that existed all winter; stable, steep couloirs are always an added favorite to my list of things skied. Problem is, they're melting faster than I can find them. Aside from any high North facing chutes (NE lone peak and the Needle) I think every Col. from here to Montana is broken up into various rock outcrops and watery graves. 
River crossing #1

Little Pine looks like a graveyard, the waterfall on White Pine is needless to say "high" and Maybird well after crossing the water 5 times in the first half of the col. I figured it was a better day to be climbing or drinking; whichever you prefer.

Don't Fall In!

One small section of uninterrupted snow

 Looking down


More water

 Yeah you have to ski on the rocks to call it official.


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