Monday, November 19, 2012

O’Keefe’s Oddness

Several months ago Adam O’Keefe skied a very contrived line in the Cardiff pass area (aptly named O'Keefe's Oddness by me); essentially rappelling some of the cliffs under the summit simply to access the snow beneath them which was in no way was any different than the any other snow in the area but as George W. would have “No Child Left Behind” so would Adam have “No Snow Left Unskied.” And as the snow would have it, this was our theme of the day. Trudging up Cardiff with 70 meters of coiled goodness in my backpack was some way to ski snow that could easily be avoided but with the lackluster performance of winter thus far (yeah I said it; don’t forget the dry spell we’re supposed to have these next 10 days) rappelling seemed like a very fun idea and as it turned out it was. The turns were quite good too on both North and South faces.

Solid Anchor

 Setting Up

The Universal Sign For Rock And Or Roll (Notice the lack of gloves)

Jack Making His Way Down

The Line We Took (Dotted = Rappel)

Nice Turns To End The Day

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