Monday, December 10, 2012

A Fresh Coat of Paint

I'll spare the "pleasant surprise, it rained on Tuesday, only expected 6 inches" rant and get right down to buisness. It snowed (I even had to shovel my driveway) more than was expected and enough to get some serious skiing in. Judging by the amount of people out yesterday I would assume much of Salt Lake knew this as well, nonetheless it was a good day.

Travel first took me into silver fork for a few laps then over to Toledo bowl for a few more. I'd say probably 5 or 6,000 vert. for a short day outing.

Packed skin track


I must admit at first my setup: Dynafit Broad Peaks, Scarpa Aliens, and Dynafit Tech Binding did not appease someone who skies K2 Hellbents (with a 130 underfoot). But persistence using my lightweight skis/boots/binding has led me to believe this is the ultimate ski in one's quiver; just enough ski/boot to actually enjoy the down but light enough (under 10 lbs but I'm no gear junkie) to really cover some serious ground even for a fat kid like me. 


 Chesy couldn't make it up; some business about forgetting snowpants or bad roads so here she is repelling.

Oh yeah and some cam art + beer

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