Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jason loses his manhood

As I sit here aimlessly in Baltimore listening to screaming children incessantly get placed in timeout while I watch the snowfall in Salt Lake I've begun to wonder why anyone in the world would ever have children or for that matter get married. But...after meeting Jason's wife Amanda 6 months ago I guess I can make a few exceptions.

This being the case on Thursday a bachelor party was arranged for Jason Dorais courtesy of his brother Andy (whom arranged a very nice get together). We skied, drank beer, consumed a fair amount of brats and sausages  and we even were graced by the presence of strippers albeit they were of the wrong gender and with our party, and for some reason everyone still took pictures (which if you'd like to see visit another one of my fellow bloggers websites...I'm sure they'll turn up).

All and all a great time on all accounts...some say mine's next. We'll see about that.

The festivities begin

A great spot for a party


The man with the boobcake in the foreground

The bachelor...that motorboatin son of a bitch

Good food, good friends, good times

 Who say's you can't have fun on little dropping courtesy of Adam O'Keefe

This guy is actually a doctor can you believe that

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