Wednesday, May 20, 2015

East Coast Living

I left the East Coast six years ago in search of adventure, and it seems like every time I come back I manage to bring the adventure with me. Maybe the adventure was there all along and I just wasn't looking hard enough?

With the help of the internet I was able to find a spectacular run along the West Rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon on Friday, which consisted of 30 miles of lush green single track and according to my watch 4800 ft of vertical... I only got lost twice. I'm not quite sure anyone has "run" "poorly attempted a speed record" on this particular trail before but if you have, let me know. My unofficial, unsupported time was ~5 hr 29 min. which can easily be broken by anyone with 2 legs and a sense of direction. 

Surprisingly nice, albeit different scenery 

I guess no matter where you are on Earth someone's always trying to blow something up 

Met a friend along the way, he needs to lose some weight though.

The rest of my trip consisted of your standard redneck fare: sawing down trees, burning things, babysitting children, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, oh yeah and of course celebrating my mothers 70th birthday.

In the end I took lots of pictures, some good some not so good, enjoy.



More animals, only worse...

Everything is green, maybe that's because every day at about 4:30 the sky would open up and douse just about any living thing in sight. 

Doing hill billy things

And of course I wouldn't be here without the wonderful lady above, on the occasion of her 70th birthday.

The End

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