Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Wasatch Weekend

Well you know the snowpack is just HUGE when your partners aren't even remembering their beacons anymore. We (Me, A OK, and Jack) had figured the North Side of Superior would be a reasonable tour in such a shallow snow pack. We figured wrong an accident on the road had turned us around and to add insult to injury we couldn't even rubberneck we were turned around too far in advance. Unopened terrain at Brighton was are only real other option, as it turned out they didn't miraculously inherit all the snow in the world on their terrain in fact it was quite the opposite. After rocks, blood, downed trees, dirt and a broken ski we had decided enough was enough. 

A OK skiing on his (rockered ski?)

Don't let the turns fool you there were plenty of sharks lurking.

So with all these mishaps you'd figure we'd just cash our chips and call it. Nope we were back at it on Sunday same story, different title I'll let the pictures do the talking.

 Starting the day off just right (this is the trailhed?!)

 Snow and dirt. 
It looks like July out here
NO! it doesn't there'd be more snow in July.

Try downclimbing this (yes it steeper and more dangerous than it looks)

 And of course it was all worth it. Days still might as well be lift accessible with that many tracks in it.

I'd do it all over again

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