Monday, December 12, 2011

Wasatch 120 and then some

Saturday was race day (The Wasatch 120, 120 minutes as many laps as you can do; ski up, skins off, ski down, skins on, repeat) with the amount of talent and anti gravity there, it wasn't really a race for me (I think some of these guys sleep with Dynafit sheets). More or less my motto was don't get lapped more than 5 times. Chesy though took home first prize in the Woman's division (being the only woman there) and I of course brought home the heavy metal prize. All and all I great outing with lots of great people.

Chesy taking 1st (ripped this from Andy)

With the amount of awesome snow on the ground (a mixture of sugar, sun crust, and muck) on Sunday I went to Twin Lakes Pass.

Naturally picking up a few rock along the way.

The skin track out or in.

An increasingly rockier Wasatch.

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