Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Farming Superior

It's getting closer to Christmas and today I treated myself to the North side of Superior (a wise gift indeed). Now most of superior has been farmed to the bone or rock for those who don't enjoy the metaphor but with exceptional equipment and a little enthusiasm some untracked pow was still left to well...farm I guess. The approach however was heinous basically packed powder to ice in the backcountry nonetheless. 

Cardiac bowl I'd call this factory farming (an unfortunate happenstance in the Wasatch lately).

Why get to the ridge?
To see what's on the other side. Oh yeah and then side cut  30 vertical feet down to the actual skiable snow.

The North Side of Superior (more factory farmed land).

And of course no story would be complete without the picture of where we just were (dead center of the photo).

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